What to do after high school?

The annual "Diplomas Count" report has joined the growing discussion about the value of a college degree.

The 2011 version of the yearly graduation study from Education Week is titled "Beyond High School, Before Baccalaureate: Meaningful Alternatives to a Four-Year Degree" and is the latest in a spate of studies examining the value of college degrees.

"With the nation’s economic recovery seemingly stuck in low gear, the need to better understand the link between learning and a career seems more critical than ever for high school students preparing to graduate and enter the next phase of their lives," according to the report summary.

“In the drive to ensure that American students leave K-12 schools ‘college and career ready,’ the major emphasis has been on the ‘college’ part—and especially on four-year colleges. While that’s a widely lauded goal, it hasn’t panned out for everyone.”

While the Diplomas Count study has a different emphasis every year, it always updates high school graduation rates and related indicators for the nation, states and school districts.

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