What You Need To Know About Reauthorization

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  • The Chronicle of Higher Education has put together a guide to the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act, the major law that governs federal student aid.
  • The following presents a few excerpts taken from the guide. Click through to view this content in its entirety.
  • What is it? The Higher Education Act is a law almost 50 years old that governs the nation’s student-aid programs and federal aid to colleges. It was signed into law in 1965 as part of President Johnson’s Great Society agenda of domestic programs, and it has been reauthorized nine times since then, most recently in 2008. It’s up for renewal again in 2014, and lawmakers have begun holding hearings and soliciting input to inform the process.
  • Why does it matter? The Higher Education Act is the law that covers how federal dollars are awarded to colleges and students. It touches on everything from loan limits to accreditation, determining who gets money, how much, and when. What it doesn’t do is actually finance programs—that’s up to the Appropriations Committees in Congress.

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