Where’s The Teacher? Online College Debuts Self-Paced Courses

Career College Central summary:

  • FlexPath, a new twist in online education, is making its debut in October at Capella University in Minneapolis.
  • The program, one of the first of its kind in the country, is built entirely around the idea that people should be able to earn a degree by proving what they know, not by sitting in class.
  • It’s part of a trend called “competency-based” education, which is putting a provocative new spin on what it means to go to college.
  • In the new Capella program, it doesn’t matter how students acquire their knowledge — whether it’s on the job or in textbooks or online, says Deb Bushway, the chief academic officer. All that matters is that they can pass a series of “assessments,” designed by the faculty, to show that they know the material well enough to earn a degree.

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