While College Students Talk Frat Parties, Some Veterans Are Just Struggling To Adjust

Career College Central summary:

  • A record number of military veterans are going to college this year because of the wars winding down and the generous offerings of the revamped GI Bill. Colleges and universities are welcoming these students because of their service — and their practicality. These students arrive with tuition already covered on their behalf.
  • But veterans face unique challenges when getting out of military service and then going to school. Dario DiBattista of PolicyMic writes, "You would think that a liberal environment would welcome and consider diversity, but for most veterans, their perspectives and life experiences are vastly different and little consideration is given or attempted."
  • DiBattista adds, "For a report I once prepared on this matter, one Marine told me that the hardest part of going back school 'was forcing myself to care about dumb things like partying, chasing skirts, and interviewing for a job, when the only thing worth caring about in combat was staying alive.' Another Marine said the most difficult part 'was dealing with people who treat every test as life or death.'"

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