Will Attending a Career College Help Students Get a Job?

Many Americans have lost their jobs as businesses are failing or downsizing. While the government struggles to jump start the economy, students can take advantage of the situation by getting a sound business education at a career college. A career college is different from a traditional business school or university in that career planning and internships play a major role. Getting specific training for real life work situations is invaluable to employers.

Obtaining a business management degree during a recession may seem to be a bad career move, but not so. When there is low unemployment, employers have fewer candidates to select from. However, when unemployment is high, employers can pick from a wider job pool. Employers will look for candidates that have both education and experience.

The Hubbard College of Administration’s Applied Science Degree of Management and Administration is uniquely designed to provide students with an associate degree that gives them the education as well as practical skills.

"It is an ideal time to be in a career college," said HCA Deputy Executive Director, Nick Terrenzi. "In addition to a rigorous academic program our associate degree program includes an apprenticeship after each module, in addition to job placement assistance. That gives students both the theory and practical experience so valued by employers."

A business management student will be much more employable if he or she has a solid grasp of the theory and an internship after each course. Businesses are running "lean and mean" — thus will be looking for potential employees that can arrive on the job ready to work. With an excess of job seekers on the market, a wise student will look to find a career college that can offer both a solid education and on-the-job practical experience.

Business management degree students should make themselves more employable by attending a college that is a new breed of career colleges. The Hubbard College of Administration offers a program that has both the theory and apprenticeships after each course. Call us at 888-812-4224 to tour the college and get a briefing on your career planning options to make you employable when you graduate. Visit the college’s new website at www.hubbardcollege.org.   (Market Wire)

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