Will Occupy End Up Having a Bigger Impact Than the Tea Party on Real People’s Lives?

Career College Central Summary:

  • To casual consumers of the mainstream media, that question might well seem absurd.
  • On the other hand, theater of the absurd is not a bad description of much of the coverage provided those consumers by the mainstream media.
  • Sure, the tea party are big-time stars, what with their (not so) well attended rallies ("there were tens of them here," noted Sen. Harry Reid after a 2011 gathering).
  • The (billionaire backers of the) tea party have focused on influencing electoral politics, and that they have done, perhaps costing Republicans the Senate in 2010 and 2012, and thus, among other things, allowing President Obama to push the federal judiciary in a far more liberal direction. 
  • The beauty part — which, by the way, also demonstrates what a scam these for-profit college loans are — is that Debt Strike bought the loans for about three pennies on the dollar.
  • It cost $106,709.48 to buy $3,856,866.11 in debts.
  • Yet those students would have had to pay back the full amount in order to get free.
  • The Occupy Wall Street movement has taken the energy it unleashed in 2011 and channeled it in ways that are having a real impact on people's lives, helping them get out from under debts that people don't have if they are citizens of countries with a more robust understanding of the common good. That matters. Just ask the people who've been helped.
  • Overall, the Rolling Jubilee campaign has bought out debts totaling over $18.5 million (having raised "only" about $700,000 to do it all).

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