Wisconsin AG candidate would focus on for-profit colleges

Career College Central Summary:

  • The Democratic candidate for attorney general, Susan Happ, vows she’d join efforts by counterparts in other states to crack down on for-profit colleges that often leave students with huge amounts of debt and few career prospects or, in many cases, not even a college degree.
  • The issue has flared in recent years in Wisconsin, with a state board that oversees the schools finding many problems with the for-profit colleges but little authority to crack down on them.
  • Attorneys general in other states, including Minnesota, have sued select colleges over alleged fraud.
  • The average one-year dropout rate among 185 for-profit schools that enroll Wisconsin students was 28 percent, according to a report last spring by the Educational Approval Board. ?
  • An earlier effort by the EAB to impose standards for student retention, graduation rates and employment was scuttled under pressure from the industry and Wisconsin politicians.
  • Gov. Scott Walker earlier replaced three members of the seven-member EAB board, stripping it of most institutional memory, especially with regard to the standards.
  • Happ said in an issue paper she wasn’t opposed to all for-profit colleges, just those deemed to be making false promises to students, especially veterans.
  • She’d ?work with ?veterans groups to educate would-be students at the colleges of dismal retention and graduation rates. “As Attorney General, I will investigate, prosecute and seek hefty penalties for deceptive practices, and work to see that students are made whole,” Happ said in a news release.

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