Wisconsin Employers Claim They Can’t Find Workers Who Are Job-Ready

Career College Central summary:

  • Manufacturing jobs that pay well, but there's no one to fill them. Employers call it the skills gap. Wisconsin taxpayers are pouring millions of dollars into technical colleges to close the gap. Chris Layden of Manpower Group said the skills gap, does it still exist in Milwaukee. Layden said that's what Milwaukee-based Manpower Group, a world leader in employment issues, is seeing across the Milwaukee area.
  • More than one-third of employers, he said, claim they can't find enough workers who are job-ready. "Do they really have the right skills to perform the jobs that employers are needing? And what we are consistently hearing from clients in the Milwaukee area is, no," Layden said.
  • "For the last four to five years, we've kind of beat that horse to death about the skills gap, and now everybody said, 'OK, how do we fix it?'" said Dorothy Walker, interim dean of MATC's School of Technical and Applies Sciences. Much of the more than $140 million taxpayer dollars it gets each year is spent trying to address the skills gap.

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