With the Economic Downturn Boosting Interest in Higher Education, Some Data and Advice for College-Bound Students

Fort Lauderdale, FL – With interest in higher education sharply increasing in the wake of today’s economic slowdown, students are keenly eager to know which careers hold the promise of financial security – even in troubled economic times. According to research by online degree program expert Sheila Danzig, owner of TheCollegeDegrees.com and Degree.com, CPA firms and universities are continuing to be steady, reliable employers of new graduates, indicating two smart career choices.

For those who are good with numbers, or enjoy an educational setting, it’s your turn to get ahead. According to Jessica Mazor, an Account Manager at KForce Finance and Accounting Professional Staffing, "Although there is a hiring slowdown, both CPA firms and universities are continuing to hire. Students returning to school to earn a college degree should seriously consider exploring these career paths."

In fact, a shortage of accountants has resulted over the past several years, according to Mazor. Whereas technical and computer jobs garnered more enrollments over the last few decades, the need for professionals holding traditional or online degrees in accounting has never decreased.

As for the rising interest in going back to school, 4CollegeDegrees.com recently conducted an informal survey to determine the motivations of students interested in online degree programs. Two-thirds of respondents shared that the recession was the primary factor behind their decision to enroll in a traditional or distance learning degree program. In July 2008, only 41 percent of those who responded cited the economy as their reason to earn a college degree.

This increase in concern over job security and the country’s economic forecast may account for why many other websites dedicated to online university degree programs are also reporting a sudden spike in queries from interested students. For example, Degree.com has reported that since January 2008, the site has experienced a 22 percent increase in the number of students interested in online Master Degree programs and online PhD programs.
Likewise, over the last several years TheDegree.com has also seen a sizable jump in interest in graduate distance education degree programs. For example, the number of visitors who want to earn an MBA online has jumped by more than 10 percent since 2008.

At TheCollegeDegrees.com and Degree.com, two sites owned and managed by education expert Sheila Danzig, interest in online accounting degree programs began to spike during this time as well. "We are seeing surges in growth in online bachelor degree programs in general as adults go back to school when they can’t find jobs," said Sheila Danzig, founder of Degree.com, "Yet interest in accounting degrees online and graduate degrees online, however, is growing at a faster pace. People appear to know where the hiring is happening, and they are increasing their skills in those areas. It’s a good trend to see."

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