Would Teachers Unions Embrace For-Profit Education if it Were Unionized?

What would the union position be if a for-profit charter chain announced that it would like its workforce to be unionized?

Would the pro-union / anti-corporate-reform side protest this as an assault on public education, or would all the corporate reform rhetoric disappear in the face of unionization?

This might seem like a far-fetched notion on its face, but I’m not so sure. After all, there is no reason a for-profit school chain couldn’t have unionized teachers. It could very easily be a mutually beneficial relationship, aligning rather than dividing two very powerful interest groups.

Some clever edu-entrepreneur is going to try this at some point, and push for a much more flexible contract from the unions. In return, unions won’t oppose the expansion of this particular corporate education outfit, giving it a huge political and competitive advantage.

Or am I wrong? Would teachers unions give such an overture the cold shoulder?

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