Say My Name, Say My Name

I just walked by five people in this building and did not know their names. I hate that. There was a time here at PForm where everybody knew everybody … by name, rank AND serial number. But since PForm continues to grow by leaps and bounds, it’s become increasingly difficult to get to know people on a first name basis.

But I’m gonna try – as God as my witness. Why? Because – like Cheers – I want to go where everybody knows my name. And vice versa.

I love visiting schools where everyone knows your name. Career colleges pride themselves on making students feel like a person and NOT a number. And, believe me, students eat that up. When I went to college and sat in a huge (and unnervingly impersonal) lecture hall, I could care less what the professor had to say. Mind you, when I got in to smaller classes that piqued my interest, I perked right up. I could converse with the instructor and feel important.

And when you’re a fish out of water or unsure of yourself – it’s important to feel important. I’ve noticed it’s a rare instance when instructors at career colleges talk down to their students. It’s all about building the student up … from the ground up. And they do a fine job.

When someone has your back, you know it. You’ll try harder. You’ll want to succeed. And therein lies many a career college success story. I was recently looking over transcripts from some recent schools I’ve visited … here’s just a sample of what some of the graduates said:

Jamar: My instructors were all excellent. If it wasn’t for those people … my teachers … I don’t think I would have made it through because they gave me the encouragement to want to get through it.

Ashley: I needed to do it for myself and for my kids. And I did it at a low point in my life! But after finally calling in, it really turned my life around!

Erika: I had a lot of goals and dreams. I knew what I wanted to do and my instructors helped me get there and accomplish it.

Tom: I always felt the teachers had my best interests at heart. Always.

So props and kudos to all the career college instructors out there who know the names of their students. You’re doing a fine job winning friends and influencing people. And years from now you may not remember all of your student’s names … but, chances are, they will remember yours! And for good reason! When they got knocked down, you helped them get up again!

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