Sometimes You Just Have to Help a Friend

The rules and boundaries of executive search are not always black and white. As a recruiter I am often faced with a dilemma:
– Do I tell a friend in the sector about an opportunity that would be perfect for them even though it is not with a client company or do I keep my mouth shut because it won’t gain me a fee?

I am sure members of your campus are faced with the same challenges everyday.  Does an admissions representative try to enroll a student into a program they initially did not inquire about or do they send them down the street for the exact education they want knowing it’s one less student towards their start?

Recently I was faced with this challenge and decided to help a friend out.  I have to tell you, it hurts…I don’t like doing free work ever…It costs me thousands to source candidates and I could have easily placed this candidate for a large fee, but I knew where he wanted to work and that the school would never pay a recruiter fee so I handed over the name and number of the school owner so the candidate could call him directly.

He did, and got the job the same week.  His wife (they are recently married) couldn’t be happier that he is now home every night after work and he was very appreciative. The owner of the school knew I gave the free referral and didn’t even offer a thank you.

At the end of the day I have made a friend in our sector for life and something tells me karma will take care of the fee one day.  In the meantime sometimes you just have to help a friend.



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