I heard a story last week from a coworker that I thought would be important to share with everyone in this sector, and what better place than this blog? A school group had consistent Internet budgets for a guaranteed CPL campaign that they were running for over a year. In analyzing their cost-per-start by media source, the school noticed that the guaranteed Internet CPL campaign was too high for them to continue. They contacted their Internet campaign manager at the time and demanded that they remove their campaign immediately, and it was shut down by the end of that same week. Long story short, this was not a wise decision.

The school did not realize how many affiliates were pushing their school name via online banner ads and e-mail campaigns. One affiliate in particular had been generating on average 200 leads a month for this school group, which equates to about $9,000 that this affiliate was receiving per month for generating these leads. However, to generate this revenue, the affiliate had been placing $5,000 – $6,000 a month in online banner ad advertising. When he was told that his leads would no longer be accepted as the campaign was shut down, he was upset to say the very least. He had only generated a small amount of leads at the time and was out thousands of dollars.

When the school group was looking to get back into Internet guaranteed CPL generation, they had learned that it would take some time to heal relationships with the affiliate network and that some may never run them again. This all could have been avoided with “true” Internet lead management. By pulling start data on a consistent monthly basis and analyzing each affiliate on a cost-per-start basis, you can target the good, the bad and the ugly affiliates; make appropriate changes; and reap the benefits of the low cost-per-start medium that the Internet provides.

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