Almeda University offers new MBA degree in marketing

Almeda University, one of the world’s leading online institutions of higher learning, is now offering a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Marketing.

This prestigious MBA degree can be earned by writing a thesis on a topic
selected by the student in consultation with his or her advisor. The Marketing concentration should focus on the various strategies, processes, and practical applications involved in meeting market demands and satisfying customer needs. Areas of concentration should include strategic management, consumer behavior, international business marketing, globalization of business, research methodology, sales and distribution management.

Students of Almeda University majoring in Marketing must demonstrate an aptitude and proficiency for enabling an organization to use its data to target specific customers with new offerings. Students should be knowledgeable in providing data concerning which products/services customers have purchased in the past and which rules can be constructed to determine from this data what new or existing products/services customers are most likely to purchase in the future.

The thesis option to earn the MBA degree in Marketing from Almeda University demands that a student choose a unique topic relevant to Marketing. It should be an original and ideally a publishable thesis. The number of pages is not crucial, but it should be a project of high quality. The student must first propose a topic and, once it is accepted, may begin writing immediately. As this is a self-directed program, there is no deadline for final submission.

The career potential for someone with an Almeda University MBA in Marketing is almost unlimited. A wide variety of companies need qualified promotion and marketing managers to help their businesses grow and profit. Studies and information provided by the U.S. Department of Labor,, indicate that public relations managers earn an average yearly salary of $70,000. Promotions managers earn an average yearly salary of $89,570.

About Almeda University
Almeda University is an online institute that has been serving the international community since 1997. Over the past 10 years, Almeda has evolved to educate an expanding population through cutting-edge curriculum design based on our students’ needs and professional service. Almeda University is ideal for many people seeking advanced education because of the wide range of Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees offered through diverse fields, including business, arts and sciences, and most technical fields

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