Avoid new hire falloffs

It is not uncommon for organizations to hire a candidate for a position only to have them not show up on their start date. It happens for a variety of reasons and some of the common ones are:

  • Candidate took a counteroffer; positional, emotional or financial.
  • They felt “too loyal” to leave or change was just too scary.
  • Relocation was difficult.

Here are a few tips that help avoid new hire falloffs:

  • Make sure to call and welcome your new hire on board when they accept the position. Don’t leave this to your HR department to do alone. A call should come from some or all of the individuals they interviewed with. This works really well if the call comes from the CEO. It lets the new hire know they are important to the organization.
  • Get them involved prior to their start date by: sending them information to review; inviting them to a meeting prior to start date; or taking them out to lunch.
  • Check with them once or twice a week regarding relocation. Ask them how it is going and if there is anything you can do to help.

These may seem like simple ideas but they are almost always overlooked. The goal is to get your new hire emotionally out of their old job and into their new position before they physically show up. If you do this successfully, new hire falloff can be dramatically reduced.

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