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Following a serious tongue-lashing from my Career College Central Editor-in-Chief, Kevin Kuzma, I’ve decided to focus my blog on the egregious offense that put me on the wrong (but not infrequent) end of Kevin’s not-so gentle reminder that you “MUST UPDATE YOUR BLOG FREQUENTLY.”

Blogs, online e-diaries, are quickly becoming a favored method to:

  • Communicate
  • Influence
  • Educate
  • Increase Web site traffic

The problem is while many of us have the right intentions, we may not have the time to post new blogs on a frequent enough basis.

Blogs should be posted at least one time a week, preferably, three to five times a week. The less you blog, the less value you give and receive. Updating less than once a month will render your blog virtually useless.

So, what do you do if your schedule is too busy? Here are some options.

  • First, have someone remind you and just try harder. Blogs are not novels. In fact, some of the most effective blogs are no more than a short thought each day, maybe a three to four sentence paragraph. If you blog often enough and are skilled at writing teasing copy, you will actually increase the frequency in which individuals visit your blog, hence, increase the value of your blog with search engines.
  • Second, delegate. Maybe it shouldn’t be your blog but your team’s blog, with a firm schedule maintained by the members of your team. The advantage is that as long as the topics are consistent, different perspectives can be helpful.
  • Third, pay someone to do it. At least then there is incentive to hit the scheduled frequency.

Regardless of what approach you chose, better to have blogged and lost (quit), than to rarely have blogged at all.

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