Career College Personnel Training – The Challenge

Most career colleges cannot squeeze adequate staff and instructor training into their hectic operational schedules. Formal training usually translates into time away from work, which is very difficult for a typical career college to arrange. Also, the date and location of available training programs may not match the fast-paced business constraints of the college. Needless to say that on-site customized training is affordable only for larger operations.
Career colleges are very different than traditional academic universities. In our business, even a large educational system is typically comprised of a number of small campuses, each characterized by a small student body and a lean operational and instructional team. The different geographical locations of the operating campuses make it hard to bring the teams together for group training. So unless the educational system is large enough to justify having its own "traveling" training department to deliver on-site or regional training, effective training cannot be efficiently accomplished.
I’ve heard comments (from those outside of our sector) that career colleges don’t care about training their staff and instructors. That’s nonsense. Our sector is all about enhancing career opportunities for people. We motivate and train people to prepare them for the workforce. So we do understand the value of training and career development – probably more so than any other industry. However, while we strive to meet the workforce needs of the markets that we serve, we may not have given enough thought to developing an effective solution for our own workforce needs. I will discuss a working solution to our training challenge in my next blog.

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