Career College Personnel Training – The Solution

In my previous blog, I discussed some of the personnel training challenges faced by career colleges and schools. In this blog, I will discuss a working solution to meet those challenges.

Career colleges and universities have launched the most successful online learning programs in higher education. This is an example of our desire and ability to truly meet the needs of our students. Since we’ve been so successful in e-learning implementations, shouldn’t we use this effective delivery method to meet the continuing education and training needs of our own personnel?

Online courses can be taken from home or office. The training can be accessed at anytime, and participants can study at their own pace. Online training reduces time away from work and family. It works around your school’s operating schedule and saves you a substantial amount of money associated with travel costs. This effective delivery method allows you to provide just-in-time training to your personnel in a very cost-effective fashion.

Note that online training is not just a matter of delivering some training content online. In the early days of the e-learning business, many used to say that "content is king." But most of us who have been in this business long enough know that actually "expert is king." Internet technologies allow us to link experts to learners in an interactive learning environment. Participants in an online training program should be able to interact with a subject matter expert who is available to coach the learning process and answer questions.

In fact, a learning environment could not possibly be complete without meaningful interactions between the participants – the informal learning that occurs through knowledge sharing. This is especially true when the participants are working professionals with similar interests, such as career college personnel.

Just-in-time training through well-designed e-learning programs can help you increase the performance of your faculty and staff in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. In my next two blogs, I will provide specific examples of the application of just-in-time online training in career college settings.

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