CCA coordinates community service project

CCA has finalized plans to coordinate a post-convention community service project for Saturday, June 16, 2007. We are looking for several volunteers to work in partnership with the Habitat for Humanity staff, homeowners and sponsors to eliminate substandard housing in New Orleans. Due to the devastation by Hurricane Katrina, Habitat has increased the scope of the project, completing 35 new homes during the summer of 2006 alone. We’d like to help them meet their goals for 2007.

The Association will be arranging transportation and box lunches for those interested in participating and water will be available onsite. The shuttle buses will pick up the volunteers at the front of the New Orleans Marriott, our convention host hotel. Exact times will be provided to you onsite. Since space is limited, registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. We hope you will be able to join the CCA staff in giving back to our convention host city. Please fax a completed registration form to 1-(866)-775-1613. See you in New Orleans!

Q – What are the hours?

A – Saturday, June 16th, from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM. Please make sure to show up on time so as to be present for the safety talk and to be assigned a project for the day.

Q – Do I need to be an expert?

A – No, no experience whatsoever is required. All the instruction that you need will be given onsite.

Q – Can I work even though I have some physical limitations?

A – Yes, there are a number of tasks that can be performed that do not require serious lifting such as painting, hammering or finish work. For more serious limitations there may be opportunities to work at the restore or the office.

Q – What goes on at the worksite?

A – Homes are at all stages of the construction process, foundations, framing, to finish. We also have projects working to rehabilitate damaged homes. You will not know what you will be working on until the day that you work. Assignments depend on what needs to get done that day, weather conditions, etc.

Q – What do I wear?

A – Footwear needs to be sturdy and closed-toe and closed-heel. Boots or sneakers are both considered appropriate footwear, however boots are preferable. Wear weather appropriate clothing dependent upon the season. Sunscreen, hats and sunglasses may also be a good idea.

Q – Is it safe?

A – New Orleans is like any other city. People should use their best judgment and use their instincts. No serious crimes have been reported on or near the worksite, possibly due to the great rapport between Habitat and the local precinct, located just two blocks away. Additionally, the local police and the National Guard patrol the area.

Q – What if I have allergies/asthma?

A – Our worksites in New Orleans are new construction, and therefore pose little risk for mold allergies to get irritated. We have projects that will be working in previously gutted homes, these homes will be treated for mold and should pose no threat. You should, however, take into account the humidity, heat and abundance of plant life. Bring your medication with you and be sure to take breaks when necessary.

Registration form (opens as MS Word file)

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