CCA’s 90-day check up

In February, I wrote about the Career College Association’s decision to replace its head honcho Nick Glakas with the politically suave Harris Miller. At that time, he looked good on paper for an organization looking to increase its pull with Congress. Well, it’s been 90 days with Miller at the helm, and, among other things, he’s already pressing hard for the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act and responded to an anti-proprietary education editorial in The New York Times. In your opinion, how is Mr. Miller doing in his efforts to blaze a new trail for career colleges in Washington?

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Put on your hunting clothes and galoshes. You’ll need them if you plan to wade through Harris Miller’s letters to the editor in search of his point. As I navigated by way through his run on sentences I found myself disapointed and tired. Mr. Miller, if you’re going to take issue with a New York Times editorial, don’t wait until the 4th paragraph of a 4 paragraph letter to do it. Everything else in Miller’s response to the Feb 23rd editorial in the New York Times regarding financial aid acountablility seems to be the same old laundry list of career… Read more »