Challenges for CCA’s next president

More on the CCA board’s leadership challenge:

Reality 5: The work of the association is multi-faceted with numerous internal and external constituents, who need to be heard and satisfied. There is a linkage between constituent groups which impact the organization’s limited resources and expectations.

The association is facing a number of challenges, which is not unusual. They will fall to the new exec to champion and solve. Some of these in no specific order are:

– Continuing the involvement of representing the interests of the membership in the federal legislative process reauthorizing the Higher Education Act, which wasn’t resolved by the current Congress; followed by the negotiated rule-making process;
– Educating the membership regarding the importance of engaging in the political process in a variety of ways;
– Fostering a cooperative relationship with others in higher education community;
– Determining how best to assist state associations in a number of areas, including addressing legislative initiatives affecting local school operations and alerting other state associations of the debate developing in other legislatures;
– Developing a cooperative, cohesive relationship with the state associations;
– Ensuring a balance in the representation at the board level of the publicly traded, private chains of schools, and the single unit (Mom & Pop) institutions, as well as the degree and non-degree institutions;
– Encouraging career college-related accrediting bodies to act responsibly in maintaining high quality institutions among their memberships and encouraging them not to become the enforcement arm of the DOE;
– Creating an effective linkage between the national and state associations;
– Designing a public information campaign that promotes the value and uniqueness of private career education;
– Increasing membership by encouraging more non-members to recognize the importance of the association by joining;
– Overcoming the impressions of the disenchanted members who chose to threaten to resign;
– Providing professional services to assist various employee groups within the member institution become more effective on the job;
– Responding to the needs of the allied members to effectively reach the membership to promote their products and services.

And the list goes on; you can see this is an easy job; anyone can do it.

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