Coming Soon: Videocasts

Career College Central is the hub for all issues and news concerning for-profit private institutions. From admissions to curriculum to financial aid, we cover everything you need to know about career colleges.

Video-casting is the newest feature addition to our site. Internet video has become a popular and viable vehicle used for presenting and disseminating pertinent information.

That said we’re launching a new videocast section. Here our experts will give their opinions and analyses on the hottest issues as well as news updates on what is going on within the ever-evolving career college sector.

Like our magazine this collection of videocasts will take an in-depth look at current news and trends. We’ll be presenting interviews with prominent executives, investigating topics relevant to college directors, providing wisdom from leading experts in all areas of for-profit education and a host of other things.

We at Career College Central are confident this new addition will enhance our presentation and provide you with a better perspective of career colleges.

Check back periodically to see what’s new within the career college sector and what our experts have to say about it.

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