Direct Mail: It’s ALIVE!

Contrary to popular opinion, Direct Mail is NOT dead. Direct Mail has changed. While Direct Mail has generally lost its luster as a mass-marketing, lead-generation source, it still offers pockets of opportunity if used properly. Here are some considerations when using Direct Mail:

  1. Direct Mail continues to provide one of the best CPLs and CPSs in more rural areas
  2. Direct Mail works better in markets with lower unemployment rates
  3. Direct Mail works better when married up with e-mail and contact center calling
  4. Direct Mail works better when using smaller, more specialized lists (micro-mailings)
  5. Direct Mail is extraordinarily effective as a remarketing vehicle
  6. Direct Mail creative should focus on phone and e-mail responses to help conversions, though 50-60% of the respondents will still use the reply card
  7. Direct Mail follow up must be diligent and at different times of day … consider a contact center to call and transfer live leads
  8. Direct Mail creative must be tested against a control piece
  9. Direct Mail does NOT convert well when using ONLY surveys

It’s not time to bury Direct Mail … it is time to re-learn how to use it effectively.

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Pamela Tiemeyer Jones
Well said, Michael. Direct mail dies in the hands and minds of admissions representatives who are either afraid direct mail or, most often, have adopted a negative attitude and will not work these leads. One of the most sought after workshops Lightpoint Learning offers deals specifically and candidly with this issue. We teach the admissions professionals the “why” they are different and “how” to convert them. We shift skills as well as the mind-set – both are necessary to make direct mail leads convert. Direct mail still needs to be part of your marketing budget but invest in developing your… Read more »