Direct Mail … My, How the Mighty Have Fallen.

Just look at the direct mail shops in our industry that have either gone away or shifted their businesses to the Internet, TV, or even the contact center business. Like lemmings, they have followed each other right off the cliff. Why? Because they had become so formulaic that when the formula stopped working, they panicked.

Though the volume that comes with search mailings has certainly diminished, the effectiveness that comes with a more strategic, streamlined approach has kept direct mail an important part of the marketing mix for many of our schools. Our success with smaller, more defined lists and out-of-the-box copy and creative has helped keep direct mail at CPS’s comparable to that of other media (though Internet and contact center CPS’s still, far and away, lead the pack). And amazingly, most direct mail shops STILL haven’t figured out that "re-marketing" is the new search-marketing for direct mail. Amazing how many old leads become new students when they aren’t being ignored.

Like a gold mine that suffers its first dry day, sometimes you just need to dig a little deeper. Bye, little lemmings … have a nice fall. And thank you for abandoning the business to the few of us stubborn enough to have stuck around and continued to dig!!!!

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