Eagle Gate donates $10,000 scholarship as part of Heart2Home project

Most colleges are involved in local charitable causes to an extent, making annual scholarship funds available or finding ways for students and faculty to lend a hand to people in need. Eagle Gate College, though, has gone above and beyond the typical call of duty in regard to its charitable efforts. What follows is a press release distributed by the College this week that details the tremendous lengths to which it went in helping one Utah family:

Eagle Gate College, a sponsor of the Heart2Home Foundation – a Utah-based, non-profit organization that completed construction on a new home for the David Smeltzer family this week – has announced that as part of its sponsorship, the College has donated a $10,000 cash scholarship to the Smeltzer family to put towards continued education at any college of their choice.

In addition to Eagle Gate’s scholarship donation, more than 200 students, faculty, and staff members from the College have donated their time and services since the project’s start. Eagle Gate also provided t-shirts for all volunteers. Additionally, the College participated in the community clean-up on Saturday, Oct. 21 when hundreds of volunteers gathered to give their time.

“There is not a more deserving family than the Smeltzers, and it has been our greatest privilege to be a part of this project and work with such an outstanding organization as Heart2Home,” said Robert Enger, Murray campus president for Eagle Gate. “We extend our best wishes to the family as they enjoy their new home and the opportunities this experience will bring them, and also express our deepest gratitude to the students, faculty and other volunteers who have been a part of this community effort.”

The Heart2Home Foundation was organized to bring Utah communities together in an effort to gift home renovations for needy Utah families. The operation is similar to ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition; labor and materials are provided entirely by local volunteers and donors. The Smeltzer family is the third family to receive a Heart2Home makeover.

David Smeltzer, as well as his 14-year-old daughter Breann, suffers from leukoencephalopathy, a debilitating genetic disease similar to multiple sclerosis, but much quicker in its progression. The Heart2Home Foundation knocked down their 1,560 square-foot home in Sandy, Utah and replaced it with a fully furnished and decorated 4,400 square-foot, custom-built home. The new seven-bedroom home is designed specifically with their needs in mind, with easy wheelchair access and navigation.

For more information about the Smeltzer family’s home renovation, visit www.utahheart2home.com.

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