Graduate Success Stories: We Need Your Help

The career college sector is currently facing tremendous scrutiny and potentially damaging regulations from the U.S. Department of Education. Career College Central is leading an effort to put the proper message in front of the influencers in Washington who could help us raise a more balanced awareness within the Department of Education.

Working closely with the Career College Association, we will be publishing a collection of success stories this October that will be delivered to Congressmen, senators and other influencers in Washington. The cover of the magazine will ask the question, “What is at Risk? … Who is at Risk?” But … we need your help.

We are asking every campus in the United States and Puerto Rico to provide three short graduate success stories and/or letters from employers who rely on your graduates in the workplace. Each and every letter will published on the CCA web site and a select number will be published in the magazine. The outcomes, the changed lives, are what make us a necessary component to the 21st century workforce. We are hoping to share thousands of stories. It is just a little bit of work from each of you that, aggregated and published (print and web), creates one incredible message.

Since we are going to be receiving hundreds – and possibly thousands – of stories, we’d like to pass along some guidelines for submitting your materials. This will help us stay organized in assembling the final magazine and recognize your graduates and employers in the best ways possible.

Graduate/Employer Success Stories
These stories can be written entirely by the graduate in first person or by another source in third person. These pieces need to be 250-300 words in length. Graduate stories should emphasize their positive experience at your school and any obstacles they had to overcome in obtaining an education. Your graduates’ stories will be compelling to elected officials on Capitol Hill. Here are some suggestions for storylines that will make the most impact:

  • Graduates who were referred to your institution by friends or family members
  • Graduates who faced incredible obstacles (abuse, drug addiction, homelessness, etc.) that they were able to overcome with a career education
  • Graduates of four-year colleges who obtained their degree, but decided to pursue a different career path through a career college

Likewise, employer success stories should call attention to the employers’ positive experience with your graduate, the graduate’s readiness for the working world, and why the employer continually turns to your school to hire for key positions.

Photo Requirements
Photos must be 300dpi in a jpeg, eps or tiff format.
72dpi photos will NOT be accepted. Also, please avoid submitting photos downloaded from web pages. Submit only photos taken from a digital camera or a professional photographer’s disc.

Submitting Materials
Please attached articles/photos to an email and submit them directly to We prefer articles to be sent in Word document format. If you have only hard copies available, we will accept PDF files. Please make sure that all photos are clearly titled with the graduates’ names.

All materials must be received by September 10, 2010 for consideration in our print edition. Once again, thank you for your participation. With your help, we’ll show Washington what our schools have to offer and what we stand to lose if they continue to undermine career education.


Kevin Kuzma, Editor

Career College Central

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