How do you stay in touch with changes in order to maintain compliance?

Keeping current on changes in compliance requirements is challenging. There are many convenient resources to stay in touch with changes in compliance. Almost everyone connected to career education is dispensing information.

There are several resources you can use to remain aware of compliance changes. Join professional organizations such as the Career College Association, National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators or National Association of Foreign Student Advisers, or your state’s private school association. They all advise members of compliance changes. Review the Department of Education web site, state licensing boards, and accreditation web sites for alerts or advisories. Subscribe to industry journals such as The Chronicle of Higher Education. Another resource for compliance is to carefully read information that comes from the federal government, the state or your own accrediting body.

Staying aware of changes in compliance can be tricky, but with a regular review of the resources available, it is possible.

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