How much would you pay me if I sent you a good admissions representative?

$100? $200? $300? $400? $500? $600? $1000?!

What’s the referral worth to you? Well, recently I have seen many, if not all, of those referral fees offered to the staff and faculty of schools needing admissions representatives. For me, personally, I get worried that offers like these equate to a high representative turnover problem. That is disturbing to me because that always boils down to prospective students getting the short end of the stick.

Admissions has changed over the years. That’s not surprising at all. With so many people coming into this sector with absolutely no experience to draw from, other than their own kids’ education and their pursuit of that education, it’s no wonder admissions has a high turnover. Many of the people in charge now have never, ever conducted an interview; taken an inquiry; held an admissions meeting; addressed a class seeking referrals; participated in a phone-a-thon for two hours; filled out an application; had coffee at their desk with parents really wanting their kid to find a cheaper way to go to school; answered the popular, “I want to think it over,” or my true favorite, “Can I start in a later class? This one seems so close to now”; had to explain why making the $125 per month GAP payment is really something they can and should do; listened to the rest of the staff in the lounge tell the reps how “easy” they have it; or listened to why everything short of the Second World War was their fault, including my all-time Oscar-winning comment, “We missed the start because of admissions.” Wow, I hate that one. We miss the starts because management doesn’t manage outcomes. Admissions is everyone’s job, not just the representatives.

How much is it worth to you?
Next time: Think of it in more simple terms

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Gregg Meiklejohn
Hi Dave Gregg Meiklejohn here. One thing we like is predictive testing. Benchmark the best admissions rep in your school using a good predictive profile provided by someone like Muni Somers or even a Myers Briggs test. Then when you recruit Ad Reps either from within or without the industry, profile the candidate and compare against your all star rep. Predictive testing will give you insights and improve the odds on recruiting successfully. With the predictive testing tool you can recruit outside the industry. Consider graduates of your school or complimentary industries. We like Financial Planners. Hope this gives you… Read more »