Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Regulatory Provision Waivers

As part of the Higher Education Hurricane Relief Act of 2005, the Secretary of Education is authorized to waive or modify statutory and regulatory provisions that apply to the student financial aid programs under Title IV of the Higher Education Act deemed necessary in connection with a Gulf hurricane disaster.

Recently, two waivers regarding the campus-based aid programs have been granted to assist those institutions and students affected by hurricanes Katrina and/or Rita. For purposes of these waivers, any institution located in the area designated by FEMA as eligible for individual and public assistance under the authority of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act is considered an affected institution.
The two waivers granted are as follows:

  1. Transferring Campus-Based funds Between Programs
    An affected institution is permitted to transfer up to 100% of the total funds it received under any of the campus-based programs for the 2005-06 award year to either its FSEOG or FWS program, provided that the institution participates in the program(s) to which funds are transferred. An institution may not transfer FSEOG or FWS funds to its Federal Perkins Loan Program.
  2. Non-Federal Share or Capital Contribution
    An affected institution is not required to provide a nonfederal share or capital contribution, as applicable, to match any campus-based funds it received for 2005-06.

Institutions with questions regarding these waivers should contact Harold McCullough via email at or by phone at 202-377-4030.

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