Internet Lead Generation…Start With Your Own Website

Mike McHugh, PlattForm
Matt Johnston, Santa Barbara Business College

Outside Interactive lead providers are integral to any comprehensive lead generation program. It seems that, while there is no shortage of these lead providers, many schools are blinded by the volume and then fail to recognize the potential they can harness from their own web sites. It’s obvious, but it’s often overlooked. Using your own web site to its fullest potential allows you to decrease your CPL, your CPS and your reliance on outside “paid” Internet lead providers.

Learn more about the powerful world of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). We’ll cover search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and more. If you are a wily veteran of the web world, you’ll leave armed with enough new insights to enhance your efforts. If you’re a wet-behind-the-ears-novice, you’ll leave knowing how to get the most from potential vendors. Either way, you’ll discover how you can boost your school’s lead generation efforts, develop high quality leads and evaluate the success of your campaigns.

Presentation: Internet Lead Generation . . . Start with your own web site

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