Keep pressure on diploma mills

Technological advances have brought changes to education, many of them beneficial. It is possible to obtain legitimate college-level instruction and do legitimate college-level coursework outside of the conventional classroom. There are reputable educational institutions that specialize in this approach and are accredited in it.

But there also are many shady operations that are schools in name only. These diploma mills do not deliver legitimate educational services and their very existence is an affront to genuine education. These outfits are the targets of an ongoing crackdown by the state Department of Postsecondary Education, an effort that deserves the full support of every Alabamian concerned about integrity in education.

Such "schools" often operate solely on the Internet, with no physical facilities. Their "campuses" are mail drops or post office boxes. In some cases, the Birminghan News reported, they are unable to provide the department any information on the qualifications of faculty or even a curriculum that would be remotely credible for a college. Read full article.


(Montgomery Advertiser)


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