Lockheed Martin Contributes $25,000 to Imagine America LDRSHIP Award

Washington, D.C. (June 4, 2007) – Scholarships often provide prospective students with the financial freedom to pursue their educations, and Lockheed Martin is helping make those aspirations possible for students with military service records.

Lockheed Martin recently donated $25,000 to the Imagine America LDRSHIP Award. The LDRSHIP award provides financial assistance to military veterans, including young men and women returning from military service in Iraq and Afghanistan. Honorees include reservists, honorably discharged, retired or active duty military personnel attending Imagine America-affiliated or Career College Association member institutions.

Bob Martin, president of the Imagine America Foundation, said he is appreciative of Lockheed Martin’s continuing assistance with the LDRSHIP Award.

“This is a great opportunity for prospective students in the military,” Martin said. “We are grateful to Lockheed Martin for their support of this important program for the United States military veteran community.”

Recipients are eligible to receive as much as $5,000 toward their current career education. They must maintain a 3.5 grade point average and a 95 percent attendance record.

Lockheed Martin, an advanced technology corporation, has been a vital sponsor of Imagine America’s LDRSHIP Award since 2004. The acronym LDRSHIP stands for Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless service, Honor, Integrity and Personal courage.

About the Imagine America Foundation
The Imagine America Foundation (IAF), established in 1982, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing scholarship, research and training support for the career college sector. Since its inception, the Foundation has provided over $35 million in scholarship and award support for graduating high school seniors, adult learners and U.S. military veterans attending career colleges nationwide through its award-winning Imagine America® programs. The Foundation also publishes vital research publications for the higher education sector, honors achievement in career education and supports faculty/staff training. For more information about the Imagine America Foundation’s scholarship and award programs, please visit www.imagineamericafoundation.com.

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