New CampusLink Ambassador solution integrates bookstore services

Campus Management Corporation and Ambassador College Bookstores have launched CampusLink® Ambassador, a successful real-time integration of their software systems that will help institutions automate and more rapidly process orders for books and supplies, identify potential student retention issues, and speed bill payments and reconciliations.

The integration connects Ambassador’s SourceOne supply chain system to Campus Management’s CampusVueâ„¢ ERP software. Campus Management, a leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, and Ambassador, a premier provider of book fulfillment and management services, are the first higher education service providers to offer such an in-depth integration.

Institutions using CampusLink Ambassador can achieve faster bookstore revenue recognition, “just in time” order fulfillment for books and supplies, and can capture changes in student information and courses in real time to update their SIS and bookstore systems. One major benefit for schools is that student information is kept up to date across both systems, and we link course registration with bookstore orders, automating and expediting the fulfillment process and assuring student data is current and accurate.

Key features offered through CampusLink Ambassador include:

  • Automated fulfillment – CampusLink Ambassador automates and collects fulfillment data for transmittal and processing bookstore purchases en masse once student registration is complete, thereby reducing manual order processing, administrative time and potential errors that create unnecessary expense.
  • Automated student ledger card updates – All bookstore transactions–purchases, refunds, and returns–are transmitted to the CampusVue system and used to automatically update student ledger cards. CampusLink Ambassador includes reconciliation tools that assure accurate transaction posting to the CampusVue student information system (SIS).
  • Single student or group account “holds” – Administrators can stop any bookstore transactions through an account “hold” on a single student or group of student accounts for bookstore purchases and fulfillment, automatically. This function enables institutions to reduce extensive inventory and storage requirements, as well as reduce administrative errors and identify and prevent cost overruns.
  • Online voucher and credit card purchase support – CampusLink Ambassador can support online voucher and credit card purchases. This enables students to purchase books and class materials faster and more conveniently, while improving institutions’ ability to track these transactions in the CampusVue SIS system.
  • Financial aid spending caps by student or campus – Institutions can establish and enforce bookstore spending limits by student and/or school and track bookstore transactions to stay within financial aid budgets.

About Ambassador College Bookstores
Since 1973, Ambassador has been providing premier bookstore fulfillment services to colleges and universities. Its comprehensive range of services includes management and operation of on-campus and online bookstores or any combination, including an auto-fill service whereby student orders are picked, packed and shipped without ever visiting a bookstore. Over the years, Ambassador has made significant investments in personnel and technology to achieve clients’ objectives and earn its sterling reputation in the academic and publishing industry. SourceOne is Ambassador’s proprietary technology that enables users to securely place and confirm orders online, upload student and hold lists, use Ambassador’s student retention tools, verify orders, download management reports, confirm account balances, download invoices and statements and more. For more information, visit

About Campus Management Corporation (Campus Management)
More than 900 colleges and universities worldwide rely on Campus Management for efficient, scalable and flexible administrative solutions that enhance operational excellence. Rapid implementation, proven user training, and superior support services distinguish Campus Management’s CampusVueâ„¢ administrative suites for higher education. Campus Management’s commitment to continuously evolving its technology has resulted in a vast, long-term enterprise solution capable of millions of daily transactions, providing real-time operational visibility across departments and multiple campuses. For more information, visit

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