Photographs on resumés

Throughout the years here at Hudson Consulting, we occasionally receive resumés that have a photo of the candidate. I always found them especially interesting; certainly my staff enjoys passing those résumé around to critique the picture. I know, not nice, but it happens, and I am also guilty of such office laughs. So the other day when I received another resume with a photograph, it initiated this blog entry as I heard the laughs make their way around the office. I wondered why a candidate would do this. I asked several candidates, and the logic seemed sound: so the hiring company knows what I look like. That reasoning sounded nice, but the reality is we tend to be a very critical visual society. Why would someone take a chance on being judged by their physical features, dress, photo quality, etc., rather than their skills, accomplishments and goals? Unless you are interviewing for a modeling job, as a bartender at a Miami club that requires a headshot or for the cover of People magazine, I recommend you leave your photo off of your résumé.

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