Reaching a different sense

When we think of traditional advertising, most of us would say newspaper and television are the top ways to spend the advertising budget. While these are where most corporations spend the majority of their dollars, there is another option. It is very simple, direct and effective. What I’m referring to is radio.

Radio has become quite useful for companies across the nation and, more specifically, career colleges. It is a very useful tool with which we can target exact demographics specified by age, gender, income, habits, etc. Thanks to Nielsen Ratings and other similar services, we are able to single out exactly when and where we should be placing our dollars. This enables us to place budgeted dollars in one more medium while maintaining the effectiveness that we need to generate new leads for the school.

As with both television and newspaper, there are several ways to place our advertising budgets with radio. There is the traditional broad rotator, capturing several audiences throughout the morning, daytime and evening. Then there is the late night and weekend rotators that reach an even different group of listeners. We can work with individual stations or a group of stations. Placing smaller spots less than thirty seconds in length on a variety of stations under one umbrella company has proven to be an effective way to run a radio schedule for our clients. The rates are dramatically better and the advantage of being spread over a variety of stations is obviously useful.

While radio generates an effective response from the listeners, we have also found that it helps push our television schedules. There is no scientific evidence as to why this happens, but often we have seen improved results when pairing a television schedule with a radio schedule. Perhaps it is the brand recognition that comes along with listeners hearing a certain name often. It could be that we reach a different sense (hearing) than we do with television (sight), which in turn creates a drive to learn more.

Whatever the case, we have to consider the data gathered and begin to think more outside the box when making our monthly decisions. Considering radio as a useful marketing tool and playing with different ideas of how to place a schedule ultimately can only help us reach our goals!

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