Remember the rules of admissions, part II

Finding the person.

Run the ads, get the referrals, do the interview. A group interview would be my preference. Select those that have potential, bring them back for a second interview. Bring them back for a third interview. Then schedule them to take a profile – online, offline, really doesn’t matter. But get to the core of their personality and tolerance, and to the core of their ability to communicate. Get to know their inner confidence, their weak points, their major strengths – all the things that make them the real person they are. Are they a sales person, a promoter, a con, a lost soul with a good story?

Then start to think about hiring them. Because even after that, you should evaluate how they will fit in, how they will help the team and how they will see the interview opportunity as their cue to drive enrollments and starts.

CDL’s are getting more expensive. Internet conversions for ground schools are getting tougher. PDL referrals are slowing down. All of that may or may not be a factor at your specific school, so if I am wrong, that’s not the point. This is: It is getting very competitive out there, and you need the best people on the front line.

If you can’t pay them a lot, then train and select them the right way from the get-go. After all the dust settles, your classes are only full on the backs of your admissions people. It’s a simple theory to validate, by the way, for those who are non-believers.

To properly test:

  1. Get rid of the entire admissions team and their support
  2. Check the start roster on the next start date – yikes!
  3. Move all the financial aid people to admissions
  4. Check the next start roster on the next start date
  5. Move the teachers and deans into admissions
  6. Check the roster on the next start date
  7. Move the Director/President into the admissions department
  8. Check the start roster on the next start date
  9. Cue the crickets

The selection process is more important than the training one.

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