Romanian gymnast type flexibility takes advertising gold

Flexibility: the ability to bend without breaking, adjustable to change, pliant.

An apt description of a Nadia Comaneci’s floor exercise routine, to be sure. But unless you answer to Bela Karolyi, you ain’t in the Gold Medal-winning business–you’re in the business of creating and converting leads. As such, you need advertising. Advertising that adapts and changes to today’s fast-paced, technologically attuned audience.

Because today’s students are so media savvy, advertisers must employ a gaggle of methods and media to reach and hold the attention of the target audience. Long gone are the days of the single medium outfit.

Today’s successful agencies possess the ability to foresee the next marketing trend be it text messaging potential students, multimedia campaigns integrating television and the Internet, or a good old-fashion print campaign. Those same agencies must also have the flexibility to quickly output multimedia campaigns without sacrificing artistic quality, and have the creative might to produce an entire branding campaign from scratch. Few agencies measure up to this Olympian yard stick–those that do will be busy with growing and setting the industry standards for years to come.

Flexibility in advertising is king. The best move a school director/administrator can make these days is to contract with an agency that can flex their creative muscle across all medium–no matter what the current fad may be.

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