Scholarships available to active duty military members and veterans

The Commercial Driver Training Foundation, Inc. (CDTF) has announced the availability of more than 2,200 scholarships through its Military Scholarship Assistance Program for active duty and honorably discharged veterans of the U.S. armed services. The scholarships, each in the amount of $500, are earmarked for students wishing to attend truck driver training programs. The scholarships were created by commercial driver training organizations and motor carrier employers as a means of recognizing and honoring the service performed by the men and women who have served in our armed forces.

“These scholarships are designed to encourage these highly qualified individuals to consider the transportation industry as a career,” said Mark Greenberg, CDTF Chairman. “Because the jobs are available in virtually all parts of the country, we believe that this career is particularly well-suited to those individuals who are separating from military service.”

Greenberg added, “In addition to these scholarships, many employing motor carriers offer tuition assistance that could help partially defray the remaining costs of attending the training program. There are few occupations of which I am aware that permit a student to attend a relatively short training program to achieve the entry-level compensation packages that are available in this industry and also have a portion of their training cost paid by their employers.”

Truck driving has been listed by the U.S. Department of Labor as among the highest-growth job categories in the country. Many employers offer not only an attractive compensation package but also provide insurance, retirement plans and other incentives.

The Commercial Driver Training Foundation scholarships are available to all qualified individuals who are either contemplating separation from military service or who have been honorably discharged. The scholarships are available through institutions in many areas of the country. Applications are submitted to the Commercial Driver Training Foundation through its web site at All applicants must meet the requirements for commercial drivers that have been established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, as well as the enrollment criteria of the particular institution.

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