The Deaver Foundation provides its third grant

SpanishNet College and the Deaver Foundation announced today that they have established a new cooperation agreement for the year 2007 to offer Spanish language courses to educators and healthcare providers.

SpanishNet College is finishing a very successful year providing the special program to different groups across the nation. The online learning program enables students to participate, regardless of time and place, and will help those who need to communicate with the growing Hispanic population about crucial or sensitive subjects such as education and health.

After educating students online for the past 12 years, SpanishNet College is highly regarded for its expertise in online course delivery that satisfies training needs in areas such as required weekly participation, concentrated study, Web-based research for the most current information on the subject, regular interaction with the professor, nationwide classmates in a small online classroom setting and evaluation of knowledge acquisition.

The school is well known for its synchronous/asynchronous style of study, enabling students in a variety of time zones to interact with their professors and fellow students when convenient, and also allowing them to log in at the same time using text and live-audio virtual classrooms. The school offers a large number of courses for a variety of interests.

The new and updated 2007 course programs “Basic Spanish for Health Care Providers” and “Basic Spanish for Teachers” will start on Monday, January 15, 2007, and end on Friday, July 6, 2007. There will be three two-month course segments: Spanish
101, 102 and 103.

Last day for registration is Wednesday, January 10, 2007. THERE IS A LIMITED NUMBER OF SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE. Those who are interested can reserve a place now by filling out a registration form.

Interested students may request further information and a registration form by e-mailing:

About the Scholarship and The Deaver Foundation
The Deaver Foundation was established by Marion Park Deaver in 1991. The Foundation document declares that its main purpose is to promote education. In order to help 1,000 more students deal with language issues in their daily activities, a third $225,000 grant will be provided to pay for half the cost of the six-month Basic Spanish course. Students will pay $225 each for the other half. All support material is delivered free of charge.For more information, visit SpanishNet College at

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