The disparity between men and women

Take a look around the career college sector and you’ll soon find a disparity among senior executives and school owners. Males have held the majority of these positions throughout the career college sector. Where are all the women? Unfortunately, most are typically employed in administrative and junior-level positions in the sector.

Steps have been made toward equalizing this unbalance. However, it is not nearly enough. One idea that seems to help is conducting forums and conferences that promote leadership development. Conferences and forums create excellent opportunities to establish networks, advertise, gain knowledge and so forth. The American Council on Education and the Office of Women in Higher Education has held more than 60 national and regional leadership forums for women. More than 1,000 senior administrators have participated in these forums. Interestingly enough, they found that approximately 200 participants had moved into CEO and association management positions in postsecondary education.

From October 26 – 28, 2006 the Career College Association will hold the Women’s Leadership and Career Development Conference in Reston, Virginia. For females in leadership positions or who are interested in learning leadership qualities, this conference is for you. Some topics to be discussed are Process and Meeting Management, Learning and Motivational Styles, Coaching Models, Organizational Leadership, Team Analysis, and Success Models for Strategic Visioning.

As advocates of women in leadership roles, it is important that an outlet is created specifically for females in the career college sector to recognize and further advance women’s positions in the career college sector. The late Gail Benjamin also strongly believed in the necessity and responsibility of each generation to offer their skills and talents in assisting the future generations in fulfilling their educational and career goals.

In 2006 the Foundation, along with sponsors like the Arthur and Gail Benjamin Fund, created the Gail Benjamin Fellowship. The Fellowship recognizes the need to attract and encourage women and minorities to enter and pursue senior and executive positions within the career college sector. The Fellowship’s mission is to support and sponsor conferences that assist women and minority professionals in the career college sector, like the Women’s Leadership and Career Development Conference.

For more information about attending the upcoming Women’s Leadership and Career Development Conference, contact Gail Myers: (202) 336-6815,, or check CCA’s web site for updates.

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