The importance of testing

Continually looking for new opportunities is a practice that you should be putting into your regular media schedule. Knowing there are always new mixtures of the perfect creative mixed with new programming could help you achieve better results than you ever expected. But are you willing to take the chance?

The fact that new programming could take over your markets best show may be unsettling when you’re already reaching your target audience. However, this could give you the chance to connect with your exisiting demo as well as grab that new audience you’ve been trying to reach. And all it takes is the test of an undersized piece of your budget that you are willing to part with.

For example, when shows such as Tyra came into the mix of most daily program line ups, it wasn’t a show we anticipated would be an important fixture on our buys. But after exposure in the market, we quickly realized the trend of the audience becoming more familiar with the program was a significant part in our lead flow.

It’s testing such as this that continues to help us achieve the results we strive for. This also allows helps us take the new trends and make changes to improve areas in other markets.

So take the chance and look into new opportunities of testing. You may not always see the results you were hoping for, but you’ll never know if you don’t take the test.

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