The January Question: How January is a Make or Break Month for Career Colleges

2007 is finally here! After a 4th Quarter full of preempts, increased rates and downright slow lead flow, January is just the break we in the career college industry needed.

Merely by being listed first in the calendar, January holds all the cards when it comes to making dramatic life changes. That is what is so exciting about working in the career college industry. We are in a perfect position to be the answer to the January Question: What am I doing with my life and where am I going?

These leads have a great chance of becoming starts for your school because their January Question has been answered.

Many clients will look at the January results as commonplace: that January lead flow is attainable every month of the year. While some Quarters are better than others when it comes to generating excellent lead flow, January is a beast in and of its own. January leads have a greater chance of becoming starts for your school because you have answered their January Question. The excitement and hope these prospective students have for their future is stronger this month because, for them, it is also make or break time – time to make a difference and time to make it happen.

You may find yourself in May, September or November yearning to have the same type of lead flow generated in January. However, remember that the extra money made from the starts at the beginning of the year can tide your school over in the slow months, allowing you more time to plan for the upcoming January.

So, wipe the tryptophan-induced sleep from your eyes and pull up your bootstraps. January will be a fun ride!

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Bridget Jones

I agree, January will be an exciting month. I think your look into the is next quarter in advertising is insightful and I can’t wait to hear what else you have to offer.

Kraig Bertram

This is a powerful and insightful commentary and it echos my feelings about the industry exactly. Kudos to Ms. Schaffer on her hard work and diligence. She knows what it take to be successful and appears to incorporate that in her daily routine.