Top Reasons Why Students Don’t Attend College

For some students, making the decision to obtain a higher education can be difficult. Students must overcome several obstacles, and some of the reasons students decide not to go to college are:

  • No one in their family has gone to college;
  • They didn’t do well in high school, so college will be too hard;
  • They don’t know which school to go to; or
  • They can’t afford college.

These are some tough barriers to overcome, but if taken one step at a time it can be done.
Being the first one in the family to seek higher education can be a difficult hurdle for any student to get over. High school guidance counselors and college advisors can be a valuable resource. Some admissions departments will walk the students through the entire application process from start to end. Study habits are a key element when starting college, and many career colleges also offer free tutoring to their students.
Students must also determine the most important factors they are looking for in a college and then research this information. The Imagine America Guide to Career Colleges is a good place to start their research on career schools. The Internet can also be a useful tool when researching schools. Worries about how they will finance their education can also deter many students from obtaining a higher education. Good news – there are several different types and sources of financial aid. There are grants, loans, work-study and scholarships. Federal loans have very low interest rates and can be paid back over a long period of time.
The Imagine America Foundation makes it easier for students to overcome these obstacles. In the upcoming months, many of our publications will address these issues and many more. The 2007 Imagine America Guide to Career Colleges addresses topics such as applying to a career college, choosing a career college, and financing a career education. In the 2007 Imagine America Student Guide, applying to a career college, study tips, writing tips, and finding the right career college are just a few of the topics featured. To find out more about our publications and programs, please visit or

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