What P.R. brings to your marketing efforts

Public Relations. The forgotten marketing tool. Amazingly, the number of career colleges who even consider P.R. as part of their marketing efforts can be counted on one or two hands.

Just last month, one of my clients who uses an aggressive P.R. program (costs them under $1,000 per month) told me that a student admitted that they had almost been scared into not showing up for school the first day, but that the little enrollment news blurb in the community newspaper made them realize that they had made a commitment they should follow through on. The school director thought the student might have also considered the embarrassment of family and friends knowing he didn’t attend after enrolling. Having the community see that he or she has enrolled makes it more likely that they will show up for school.

Wow…P.R. can help your enrollment-to-start conversions.

There is nothing more powerful than a third party endorsement. A respected publication praising your school makes a powerful statement. And it’s CHEAP.

So what is P.R. worthy?

  • A student, by name, enrolling in a program at your school…especially to their community newspaper and especially when you mention their high school.
  • A student graduating from your program, especially if you can name their new employer.
  • A new curriculum offering.
  • A student or graduate success story.
  • A staff member success story.
  • Any honor bestowed upon the school.

These events happen every month, and schools allow these opportunities to fly by.


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