Women’s Leadership Conference

It doesn’t take a particularly apt person to notice that the top executive positions in the career college sector of education are held primarily by males. It does, however, take highly motivated, conscientious individuals to make this observation and initiate change. That’s why the Imagine America Foundation and the Gail Benjamin Fund came together to sponsor CCA’s Women’s Leadership and Career Development Conference.

Over 35 women from across the country gathered in Reston, Virginia, from October 26 – 28 to discuss issues pertaining to advancement within the career college sector. The conference not only provided the opportunity to share insights related to achieving leadership goals, it also gave participants access to a network of individuals with common experiences. One attendee noted that the conference will have a far-reaching impact on her duties as a leader.

“I left the conference with a new awareness of my own abilities and ways to improve my leadership skills,” she said. “I also left the conference with a community of support I know I can continue to turn to for improving my approach. This was a three-day event that will continue to affect my leadership abilities on a daily basis.”

Professional facilitators from the International Leadership Center for Professional Excellence covered topics such as Process and Meeting Management, Learning and Motivational Styles, Coaching Models, Organizational Leadership, Team Analysis and Leadership Goals.

CCA intends to make the Women’s Leadership and Career Development Conference an annual event. Do you think events like this will impact the career college sector of higher education? What results have you seen as a product of attending events like this?

About the International Leadership Center for Professional Excellence
The International Leadership Center for Professional Excellence is dedicated to the coaching and training of leaders in the practice of cooperative leadership through self-knowledge, self-management, strategic thinking, motivation, decision-making and international problem solving. Servant Leadership is our teaching paradigm. Our service to the international business community includes in-depth analysis with accurate and honest needs assessments and feedback, coaching, and training seminars. We support leaders to build executive teams they can count on, using methods that teach peace and international cooperation with invaluable tools for self-knowledge and motivation. We guide managers on practical day-to-day skills that inspire productivity, giving rise to a results orientation without need for power and control methods.

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Joan Carr-Voigt

It was a pleasure to facilitate the Women’s Leadership Conference last week. Gail Koepf and I look forward to working with all of you again very soon. The Community of Practice has already begun. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and fantastic participation which helped to create a successful conference.

All the best to everyone!

Joan Carr-Voigt
Bethesda, Maryland

Luza Bohorquez

This seminar was one-of-a-kind. Personally, I learned something from each one the participants; I will never forget all the tools learned at the seminar, they will help me to develop professionally and successfully in my career.

Laura DeLong

Since I’m early in my professional career, attending the Women’s Leadership Conference was extremely beneficial. Although I discovered certain characteristics about myself currently, I found it more important to understand how to appropriately handle situations that may come up in the future. I learned a lot from all the women who attended and left feeling inspired, motivated, and more confident in my abilities to be a successful professional. Thanks to everyone who attended.

David Ruggieri

I love this idea. I have always felt that women need a more focused opportunity in admissions management that leads to President positions. I would love to do a workshop with you on both admissions management and leadership. Let’s discuss if you are interested.

Pamela Tiemeyer Jones
Sarah, As President of Stand Strong, Inc. dba Lightpoint Learning and 1 25+ year veteran of the career school sector, I am bound and determined to participate in all possible ways to the professional development of everyone in the industry with the advancement of women in key positions a focus. Lightpoint Learning has developed coaching models, business skills training and modules focused on every department in a school. I hope to attend and/or present at the conferences designed to develop and promote women in our incredible industry. I am looking foward to becoming intimately involved. I can be reached at… Read more »