Writing for Results

I recently read Michael Platt’s blog entry about blogging on Career College Central. The subject of his blog (“Blogging on blogging”) got my attention. By just reading this short blog, I learned a lot about blogging!

I am a regular columnist for Career College Central magazine. I write on various training and development topics with a focus on “training for performance.” After reading Michael’s blog, I realized that I need to develop a different strategy for my blogs.

While I will continue to discuss different training topics in depth in my magazine columns, my blogs will be very short and focused on a particular topic. I will blog more frequently, and the topics will address a critical knowledge or skill area, with a link to an online tutorial or training course for those who are interested in the topic. My intent is to make my blogs more useful and effective for the career college community.

Since we are on the topic of writing, let’s start with “writing for results.” How long has it been since you took a writing course? For many of us, it has been quite some time. Yet, all of us must write letters, e-mails, memos and reports (and some of us have blogs as well). This can be an agonizing process. Expressing exactly what you want to say clearly, concisely and correctly is a difficult task. The free tutorial below reviews writing techniques that will help you perform this task.

Take the Writing for Results free tutorial! Enjoy!

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