Your Expert Instructor is Scaring Students Away

Your Expert Instructor is Scaring Students Away – Example of Just-In-Time Training to Maximize Performance

The Challenge:
From a knowledge standpoint, Jane is the best instructor that you have. She has the highest level of education and the most applicable industry experience among your faculty. Jane is truly an expert in her field, but she is actually causing you student retention problems. It’s not because she is mean or doesn’t care. Jane has been the product of a traditional educational system and does not yet know how to teach in the customer-focused environment of a career college.

One of your other instructors, Mike, teaches very well and ideally you would love to have him coach the other instructors, including Jane. But, unfortunately, your knowledgeable instructors like Jane do not listen to Mike because Mike’s educational background and industry experience is considerably less than others. How can you get Jane on the right track quickly, tactfully and efficiently?

The Solution:
An online course focused on increasing instructor effectiveness in career college settings would be a good working solution to improve Jane’s teaching performance quickly, tactfully and efficiently. The online course would link Jane to an independent expert outside of your school who would teach her the basics of effective instruction using a student-centered approach. The course would also let Jane interact with her peers (course participants) working in various career schools around the country. The good thing is that Jane can do this at her own time and pace while continuing to work at the school.

When it’s time for Jane to move up the ladder and become an education director, she can go online and learn about the basics of managing career-focused educational programs. After all, she has already learned the most fundamental part of your operation – motivating students to succeed in their educations and careers. Wouldn’t it be nice to have her trained on motivating and supervising your instructors?

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