Your New Admissions Rep is Unskilled in Educational Sales – Example of Just-In-Time Training to Maximize Performance

The Challenge:

You’ve just hired John to join your admissions team. John has an excellent sales track record but has no experience in educational sales. You are busy managing your team and don’t have the time or resources to train John on the dynamics of the education business. All you can do is to provide him with some basic information.

The next publicly available admissions workshop in your location is months away, and you can’t afford to bring a consultant onsite just to train John. What do you do to make sure that John gets up and running as fast as possible? The next enrollment cycle is just around the corner and you want John to start performing right away!

The Solution:

An online course on the basics of career school admissions would start John on the right track. He would be able to start the course at any time and complete the training at his own pace. So while he is learning your school’s policies and procedures and getting to know the industry that you serve, he can connect to an expert coach online and learn the basics of educational sales in career college settings. In just a few weeks and at minimum training cost, you’ll have a fairly knowledgeable new admissions representative on your team!

And, if John does perform and stays with your school, he may eventually want to become a manager. If you decide to promote John to a management position in admissions, you could send him back online to learn how to manage an admissions department. We all know that the required knowledge and skill sets change when you move up from sales to management!

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