Alison Streiff, Globe University/ Minnesota School of Business in Rochester, Minnesota

Enrolling at Globe University/Minnesota School of Business was a step I was unsure about, because of my lack of knowledge of the school itself. From the beginning though, my fears were put to ease. All of the staff immediately became like extended family through all of their warm gestures and compassionate personalities. In the middle of my Associate’s degree, a close family member had open heart surgery. I called the school to see if I could take a week off to get through the rough patch. Not only did I get an okay to miss class, but I also received a card in the mail right away. That is when I knew just how exceptional this college really was!

Towards the middle of my Bachelor’s degree, I had a very hard month. All within three weeks, my dad died, I had emergency surgery, my best friend died, and then my husband and I separated. I chose to use that difficult time to better myself and keep pushing myself through school, even though I wanted to quit. About six months later, I received an email from the director of career services regarding an internship possibility for the Chamber of Commerce.

I knew that I needed to interview for the position even if it meant having to do two jobs, while going to school full-time and being a single mother. I got the job with the Chamber and kept in contact with the director of career services at Globe University/Minnesota School of Business.

As I was coming upon graduation, he asked me if I would be interested in the career services coordinator position the school had available. I am proud to say that not only am I working for the college I am so passionate about, but I am also helping students in the same way that I was helped.

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