Andrea “Masani” Berkley, Career Technical College in Louisiana

I find, that every challenge I am faced with in my life, the question that comes to mind is will I succeed. I graduated from Grambling State University in 1991. I taught art to children ranging from two to eighteen years old. While I enjoyed teaching, I eventually wanted to do something different to broaden my job skills and landed a job as a spa receptionist.

My new job working in the spa inspired me to become a licensed massage therapist. I quickly enrolled and started attending classes but it was not easy. My days were very long and a good night sleep was a joke. However, I was achieving part of my goal, being able to do both work and school.

Just when things are going somewhat smoothly hardships and setbacks show up with heart felt pain. It started with the deaths of my Mother’s sisters, followed by my mother-in-law and my friend and Pastor. The hardest one of all was my beloved nephew, Andre; he was my heart. As he was my number one client I did not think I would continue going to school. I continued and had the support of my classmates, my instructors, and my co-workers. I was successful in continuing, completing, and graduating with honors.

It’s now the summer of 2010 and I am working as a Licensed Massage Therapist. My testimony is my life and experience, which makes me a success. Success is determined, at least for me, by the amount of power, positive affirmations, positive people, and the commitment of always trying to do my very best no matter what the odds. I also would like to add that prayer and faith in God, and in yourself, with action makes goals achievable.

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